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After months, may be years of preperation finally it is the 5 -10 min of your presentation infront of the Visa Officer(VO) decides the results. Yes this 5-10 min of your time , will change you whole course of career path. So think for the worst and prepare for the best.

My suggestion(well begin is always half done) :
 • First and foremost, neatly arrange all your documents.(I arranged them with an index page)
 • Start with a Gentle smile and a Plesent Good morning(Afternoon)
 • Don't get confused or make him confused always answer politely with respect and confidence.
 • Never stutter while talking , be loud.
 • Don't make the officer to repeat the question.
 • Try not to lie on anything ,have the proof for each and everything you present the VO.

Some Frequently asked generic questions:

Who is going to sponsor your education
My parents, its better you carry a document having the source of your income.

Why this University
Ater I graduated here, I wanted to pursue my masters. And the cirucullam of this university is quiet impressive that is the main reason why I am so much inclined towards this univ.

Do you have brothers and sister in US

Are you happy with your scores
Yes ,with the hectic schedule I had for the past few months this scores made me really happy(This is what I aanswered)

When did you graduated

What is your major

Are you going to continue in the same major
Yes, I even exchanged some emails with the Professors in my branch, and this is good encouraging point for me to do my MS in this Univ. (Its better you exchange some emails, prof do respond to your questions, take your senior advise here)

What are your plans after your MS
Mostly people recommend to say ,I will come right away after my masters, well they know the stats, not even 1% returned back, so be resonable
I am sure the recent growth in indian economy will open many avenues for me, so after acquainting with latest technologies and some experience I really look forward to come back and stay with my family and of course big MNCs in India are very much looking forward for candidate with US degree.

Did you get in touch with any professors in this Univ
yes, I exchanged some emails with Prof XXXX. With the area of his research and the interest I have in that particular subject I guess I can be good research assistant underhim.

Do you have any experience

What's the difference you can make by doing your MS in USA
Most of the Universities in US are going in parallel with the latest technologies. Educating myself in those technologies can give give me better picture to start up something of my own in future.

What does your father do

What is avg household income
Most of our income comes from our properties and my father's salary it is around 15-20 lakhs per anum.

How often do you want to visit your home country

Do you get any kind of scholarships from this Univ

What are the other Universities did you applied
I applied for XXXX, XXXX when compared to those this Univ has the courses which are of my partcular interest.

How many I-20's you have

Have your ever been to US or any other country

I heard that Chennai is bit tough in getting Visa Which consulate is best for F-1 Visa?

We always advice you to got the regional consulate you belong. Chennai is tough!!! No it is not tough. People defined chennai is tough becoz of it rejections , but if u see the ratio of rejections with the number of people attending it is same thro out the country. Officers are not constant they change with time.

I am married and working for an MNC here in B'lore, I want to go for my higher studies. How tough it will be for me to take her along with me being a student? Can I apply along my Visa or Do I need to apply after I went to US

I guess your dependent visa process should be intitiated by International student office. Here are some details...
You must show a bank account atleast $5000(depends on the state and Univ standards) to get your spouse as dependent. If you have been in your program less than 9 months, then you have to submit a letter of support from your academic advisor. This letter should state that you are adjusting well to the academic workload and that your advisor is not concerned that bringing your family to the US might adversely affect your academic success.

The International office issues you a travel I-20 form for your spouse and or children to use to apply for an F-2 visa and enter the US. After she comes here she/he is not eligible to work or go to school.

Taking her/him to Visa comsulate along with you!!!, better you contact your International Student Office.

I am going for F-1 Visa, I do have gap of almost 2 years after I graduated how this is effect my chances to get Visa?

Well In US it is very rare to find a candidate who goes directly to Masters after his bachelors. They will work few years and then they will think about they higher studies Even we can see 50 years guy doing his Masters. I don't think this is problem infact I think this is postive sign. Always you can say experience along with Masters degree can help me in better understanding the things.

I got my Visa for Univ of New Orleans, but I do have admission for NIU and I want join NIU.can I directly go to NIU

This is something which immigration officer won't like if you change your univ at the port of entry. Of course some students went like this but for some it created trouble. Why to take risk. No sooner you have been to New Orleans shift to NIU.

The Univ from which I got my I-20 doesn't need GRE, and I got the I-20 from the univ with out GRE can I go for my Visa

One of the general question the officer asks you is GRE Scores, most of the students carry those GRE and TOEFL scores. If you don't have it then officer can ask you to come back with scores. It happened to couple of my friends. Its better if you take the GRE score card with you.

Univ people can always defer you I-20 for next sem, I would say defer your I-20 and give your GRE test.

I applied for 3(NJIT, Univ of BridgePort, Univ of South Alabama) Universities. I got one I-20 from Univ of BridgePort today, but I am sure that I am going to get I-20 from NJIT also. Can I book for my Visa interview for Bridgeport and later change it to NJIT?

Yes you can block the Visa based of Bridgeport and later you change that to NJIT, I think you are allowed to make modifications 7 days prior to Visa date.

I got my Visa rejected can I go for it again with different passport or with different Univ I-20?

Never ever try to go with different Passport, you may get permanent ineligible status. Going with different I-20 ? May not be helpful. Visa gets denied in some situations like
1. Less Funds
2. Less Scores
3. Potential Immigrant
Less scores better you improvise your scores and give a shot, if it is less funds try to change your documents If he proved that you are potential immigrant, you should be prepared to answer next time and covince the counsul officer with a valid reason that are you are coming back. Don't argue with him/her just convince him, if he found that you are there for second time Say,Yes I am here for 2nd time,Last time Visa officer denied my Visa and labeled me as Potentail immigrant, but having this much of assets on my name and having thich much wide scope in my country I am not finding any reason to stay back in US. All I wanted is to expose myself to the latest technologies and trends in US.... Talk to him something like this.... Don't show your desperation there.

Do I need to carry SEVIS receipt along with my HDFC receipt and I-20.

Unfortunately YES visit for $100 Sevis fee. I guess they accept all major credit cards.The SEVIS no should be on your I-20 use that number while providing your details online on mentioned website pay it there and take the print out while going to VISA. Later thro post you will recieve a card or a from which you need to show at the port of entry. and show the same at your international student office.

I am not finding any Visa dates in https://www. What I have to do now?

Go for Emergency appointment

I lost the GRE slot information what I have to do now?

Visit Select your country and get set go.
Sometimes this link may not work. Directly go to and you can easily figure it out to go next