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Visa gets rejected because of following reasons only
1)Possible potential immigrant status
2)Lack of documents
3)Lack of funds
4)Criminal records
5)Low Scores
If ur visa application gets rejected the reason will be mentioned. Your best option is to supplement new information explaining how your conditions have changed since the interview.

This post is to warn ALL the visa aspirants who are planning to go visa interview with FAKE FINANCIAL documents.
I myself caught by visa embassy people on Aug 3th 2006 for providing Fake FINANCIAL Documents, final result is my passport was kept under 212 A 6 C 1 section - meaning PERMANANT INELIGIBILITY for entering into USA.
I was asked to go to Delhi for VISA by my consultancy (Jubliant) and i went trusting thier word and i was sent back to Chennai.
I am a medical graduate and my final aim is to get into residency programme. I had taken my step 1 & 2 with good score 98 & 98 percentile. I had spent few lakhs and couple of years time into preparation, and i had got a great dream to fulfill. ALL THIS WENT TO VAIN BECAUSE OF CONSULTANCY WHICH PROVIDED ME WITH FAKE DOCUMENTS charging 30000 rupee.
I Warn not to go to consultancies for financial documentaion. If you get caught, consultancy people willnot take any responsibility.
These days frequency of verfying documents has increased to 1 in 5 students and may be 2 in 5 for this semester. So Be cautious you are not blacklisted by taking fake documetns.

Here are few consultancies which are blacklisted:

a) Jubiliant Consultancies, Begumpet. HYD
b) S.V Consultancies, Mehdipatnam. HYD
c) Overseas Consultancies, Secundrabad.
d)XXXXXX    Better stop going to a consultancy who are giving a I-20 from ITU, which is not a University at all. Students are facing trouble with this consultancy. One thing you remember most of the Consultancies main aim is to earn money, ethics, morales will never be in their dictionary. If you are approaching them then it is 1st mistake in your visa process. If you didn't check the documentation they provided then your visa and your career will be in absolute danger. Sometimes you may get permanent ineligible status.

a) RAJA Sekhar & co. Old malakpet, Hyd-36.
b) Venugopal & Co. Begumpet.
c) Teja Assosiates
I warn not to go to above consultancies.
Hope this message will be useful atleast for some members who are planning to go with fake documents.
Posted by Suj ,
If you got rejected first time some consultancy may suggest you to do different passport. their suggestion "if you were caught just say I lost my passport."
Please don't even think about going with second passport, I know one issue like this who got permanently ineligible status now.
Posted by F1Geek,