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In Simple terms Statement of Purpose(SOP) is
Why and What you want to study at Grad School
What the experience you in that
What is your next step with the degree you got

It is not about your Charector, Sincerity, if you are going for a grad study people expect you have those traits.

More sentences about your personnel behaviour may annoy the committee . You much write your SOP in a such a way that you are ready and really understand academic world that you are trying to enter.

If you are going for Phd or Grad school the make your SOP Unique by highlighting the topics
Why do you want to go for PhD or MS
What are your research interests? and Why are they?
Describe the motivation you have to comple the degree

Last think make it legible, don't go too fancy with it Make it 1.5 Spacing in MS Word and try to put every thingin 2 pages

Here are some examples with their Departments
SOP Samples
Sample SOPs by Dept
PhD (Economics)
Business School
Computer Engineering
Computer & Electrical Engg